First-time Franchise Owner

I am a first time franchisee in an unproven concept. Nobody would finance an inexperienced franchisee much less finance a concept that was young and small. Andrew came through big time and got me financed. With Andrew’s guidance I now have 3 locations and am still growing and profitable.

Business Owner

Due to circumstances out of my control I found myself out of compliance with my bank. I was fearful that they would call my loan. Both Jonathan and Gary got the bank to back off helped me get in compliance and moved me to a less stringent bank. They saved my business and I am forever grateful.

Orange Theory Franchise Owner

Six years ago I wanted to open my first Orange Theory. I did not want to go SBA because I didn’t want to put my house on the line. At the time no bank would loan to Orange Theory. Jonathan connected me with the perfect lender. When I outgrew this bank he connected me to a new lender and even got my prepayment penalty waived. I now have 10 and Jonathan even helped me facilitate a sale. Couldn’t have done it without them.

Jersey Mike Franchise Owner

Just 4 short years ago we had 1 Jersey Mike’s. With Gary’s help and expertise we now have 8 all with 100% financing. Without JG I seriously doubt we would have grown this fast.