Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the application process?

For a conventional loan it is usually 4-6 weeks. For SBA it can take 6 to 10 weeks start to finish. Investment Banking can be done in under 2 weeks.

Are SBA loans easier to get approved?

Not necessarily. But sometimes, like for a first time franchisee conventional loans will usually not be available.

How much money should I put down?

Depends on your growth plan and how much available cash you have. We do the math for you and advise you of what works for your individual growth plans.

How do I know you are offering me the best deal?

We usually are but the best ways to find out is ask around. Ask other franchisees or the franchisor what the rates and terms are currently. You can shop around but it is not pleasant to do. We have many lenders and with our volume they know to get business they must be competitive.

How long a term do I take?

It depends. Factors such as global cashflow, future growth or selling plans, prepayment penalties and a variety of other factors all must be taken into account. That is where we will advise based on our vast experience , will suggest what works best for you.

Are there special requirements for a start-up?

Yes. You must have liquidity. Rule of thumb is 80% of the cost of the build will be financed. 20% down and 20%-40% in reserve cash to start.

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